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If you like to read other golfers' opinions on golf clubs, the following weblinks will take you to some of the better sites that offer these opinions and reviews. Some of the reviews are written by very knowledgeable golfers, who have a good deal of experience in trying out and evaluating different clubs, while other opinions are submitted by the average weekend warrior.

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Reviews and ratings of golf clubs and equipment.
Golf items rated by reviewers and users like you and me.
Lots of info, including details on clubs and reviews.


Features their Build Your Own Online eFit system. You can design perfect golf clubs to improve your game.

Golf Gear Review
Reviews of golf equipment and gear, emphasizing user experiences and viewpoints.
For golf club reviews and equipment advice.

Tons of info, including club reviews and descriptions.

Reviews and advice on all clubs, equipment and balls.

Terrific site that exists solely to improve a golfer's game.


Thomas Golf Custom Fitting Service

Some of us would like to golf everyday if we could. Realistically though, that isn't going to happen. Most of us have to get up and go to work five days a week. If we like our job, that makes it better, but if we don't like our job, then that is a problem. If you have a job you don't like and want to get something different, a website such as can tell you about your education options and career opportunities in the design field.

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